Oatey® Retro Master Flash® Roof Flashings


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Oatey® Retro Master Flash® Roof Flashings are engineered for profiled roofing material and designed for installations where standard flashing can't be used because of continuous pipe or obstructions.

Retro Master Flashing slides over vent pipe for pitch to 45 degrees
Flexible base conforms to most flat or contoured roof surfaces including clay tile and metal roofs
Approved for Type B installations
Master Boot is made of EPDM and compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light
Master Boot is easily customized with a sharp knife or scissors to accommodate a broad range of pipes and vent diameters
Continuous Temperature Resistance to 212 F Intermittent Temperature Resistance to 275 F
Do not use petroleum based products on Retro Master Roof Flashings


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