Chicago Cutlery 10-Inch Walnut Sharpening Steel


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Even the keenest blade will dull after plenty of use; regular honing with a good steel is essential to keep kitchen knives performing to their full potential. Measuring ten inches long, this sharpening steel is long enough for even the most massive chef's knife. It's handcrafted with a long-lasting steel rod and a solid walnut handle to match the rest of Chicago's Walnut Tradition line of cutlery. To hone, simply hold the steel vertically with the tip pressed against a stable surface. Place a knife on the steel at a 20- to 40-degree angle and draw the blade along the length of the steel, pulling the knife towards you as you go. For best results, steel knives before or after each use to maintain a razor-sharp edge and prolong the life of your knives.

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