DAP Ultra Clear 5 Oz. Flexible Elastomeric Sealant


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Dap Ultra Clear Flexible Sealant is a premium all-purpose, ultra elastic, ultra clear sealant for sealing and patching a wide variety of surfaces and projects. Use it to seal out air, water, and moisture for a durable, 100% waterproof and weatherproof seal. Stays flexible and crackproof even in cold weather. Sealant does not yellow and is clearer than silicone. Ideal for sealing: windows, doors, trim, flashing, vents, metal joints, siding, gutters, ducts, drain spouts, and lap joints. Excellent adhesion to vinyl, aluminum, metal, fiber cement, wood, concrete and masonry, brick and stone, and ceramic and tile. Mildew resistant and paintable. Interior or exterior use.

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